Disney guests caught sneaking in kids in prams to avoid ticket prices

Ticket prices to the “happiest place on earth” have been soaring in recent years with adult (10+) fares now ranging from $160 to $240 per day. 

Tickets for kids between three and nine will set you back $155 – and that’s without any extras.

It can really add up. 

So one family decided to avoid paying the admission price by sneaking their primary-school-aged child in using a stroller. 

Why? Because kids under three don’t need a ticket.

It’s been called “genius” by some and “unethical” by others. 

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“When Disney ticket prices go up”

The incriminating video was shared by a fellow guest, @myfrienditsmebarbie, who witnessed the controversial behaviour while waiting in line at Disney World. 

It now has over 11 million views, one million likes and 9830 comments. The text on screen read: “When Disney ticket prices go up.”

The poster wrote in the comments: “We paid for our tickets and witnessed the funniest thing we had ever seen and so we decided to share it so you can laugh too.”

In the viral footage, a group can be seen scanning their tickets while pushing a pram.

The camera can see that the child inside the pram is well over three, but the staff member doesn’t seem to notice as blankets are covering most of the girl’s body. 

Once the group are through the entrance, one of the women lifts the little girl out and throws the blankets back onto the pram.

The child, who’s wearing a Cinderella dress, looks to be about five years old and begins walking around, ready to take on the day. 

“Poor kid was in an infant car seat,” the caption reads.

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“She’s only 48 months old”

People were torn in the comments, with some praising the family’s sneaky move while others condemned it. 

“My son is four but at Disneyland, he knows he’s two,” one TikToker wrote.

Another said: “I fully support this because we went in May and it was literally like taking a second mortgage out on our house.”

And this mum said: “Disneyland is expensive and times are tough. I get that parents are doing what they need to do.”

“I would absolutely do the same. I hope that little girl had the time of her life and I hope that the family will never forget her smiles that day!!!” a woman encouraged.

“We just teach our kids to lie about their age but this is epic,” a different user said.

Another joked: “She’s only 48 months old. 🥰”

But others disapproved, saying: “They could have at least waited to take the child out of the stroller away from the front entrance. I’d rather just pay or don’t go at all.”

“The way people have no shame just continues to amaze me,” one viewer wrote.

“I would understand if they had like four kids but they only had one,” another said, while someone else added: “This is a new low.”

Former Disney World employees also chimed in, sharing their own experiences. 

One said: “I worked the entrance in the past and let me just tell y’all, they didn’t pay us enough to care THAT much. I see a stroller, the kid says ‘two’, have a nice day.”

But a different employee said: “That staff member knows but they won’t interfere but will inform security and they’ll be monitored. Probably be blacklisted, as well.”

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