Georgia Harrison reveals Stephen Bear’s vile voice messages

Former reality TV contestant Georgia Harrison has shared the aggressive voice messages she received from her ex-boyfriend after accusing him of leaking footage of them having sex online.

Harrison’s former partner, Celebrity Big Brother winner Stephen Bear, was found guilty in December last year of two counts of disclosing private sexual photographs and films with intent to cause distress, and two counts of voyeurism.

The 32-year-old was sentenced to 21 months in prison for uploading the footage of himself and Harrison on adult content platform OnlyFans. While Harrison, who waived her right to anonymity for the trial, testified that the sex was consensual, she was not aware she was being filmed.

Bear was also ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register and will be subject to notification requirements for 10 years.

In a new documentary on Britain’s ITV, Revenge Porn: Georgia vs Bear, the former Love Island UK contestant revealed the vile messages Bear sent her as he tried to deny the act of image-based abuse.

In the voice notes, sent to Harrison via WhatsApp, Bear said his direct messages had been “flooded with everyone going apparently I’ve filmed you and sent it”.

“So then I’ve gone on your [Instagram] Story and you’ve actually written from f***ing essays and essays, painting me out as someone I’m not,” he continued.

“That’s not fair. You shouldn’t be doing that. Especially since I haven’t f***ing sent anything, I never would.”

Replying by text, Harrison wrote: “I’ve got evidence to prove it and you know what you have done so don’t act dumb.”

“What do you mean what have I done?” Bear responded in another voice note.

“What the f*** have I apparently done? I’ve done nothing. It’s like you’re just attention-seeking or something.”

“He was just trying to manipulate me to feel sorry for him,” the 28-year-old said in a piece to camera in the documentary, “which in the past has worked.”

In another voice message, Bear declared: “I don’t do stuff like that, that’s next level sh*t. That can just ruin people’s lives. You just don’t think before you do anything. That’s really not fair.”

Harrison responded that she’d “spoken to multiple boys” who Bear had allegedly shown the footage to “and I’ve got people who have it who have sent me screenshots”.

“Have a bit of fun, show off to all your friends but when the dust settles, you’ll look like such an idiot for making up full blown lies,” Bear then told her.

“Wicked we’ll discuss it in court. Because you know what you’ve done,” she replied.

Bear said Harrison had “actually lost the plot”, adding, “Do your worst and you’re going to feel so f***ing dumb afterwards.”

“You’re going to go to prison for this Bear,” Harrison concluded.

A six-minute clip was posted online, but the original video was 20 minutes long.

In an interview with the BBC’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg program over the weekend, Harrison said the fact people “were viewing the whole thing” made it “a lot harder” for her to cope with.

“I was living in fear that he was going to sell more [footage],” Harrison said.

Going to court, while tough, she added, was also “empowering”.

“I just felt like it was the only option. I’d been pushed so far, and before I actually saw the video had gone viral on the internet, I’d had multiple men telling me they had it shown to them.”

While her case has “shocked the British public”, Harrison pointed out incidents like hers are actually “such a common thing”.

“Ever since this happened to me I became someone that victims reach out to, and I get least five women a day – usually victims but sometimes mothers of victims or family members who want advice,” she explained.

“You just wouldn’t believe how big this is and how many people are affected by it.”

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