Perth, WA: Violent convicted child sex offender Tyrone Corbett arrested after manhunt

Police have recaptured a convicted sex offender after he cut off his electronic monitoring bracelet, sparking a desperate search.

WA Police apprehended Tyrone Corbett in Marquis Street, Bentley on Thursday morning, taking him into police custody.

A desperate manhunt for Mr Corbett began last Friday after he cut off his bracelet and left his residence.

The convicted sex offender was described as having “violent tendencies” with Perth residents urged not to approach him if they saw him.

He was released from prison in February and is classes as a “recidivist offender”, meaning he is considered at risk of reoffending.

Despite that, Detective Acting Inspector John Mottolini of Sex Crime Division said there was “no indication that he was likely to commit this offence or to cut his bracelet off” before the incident occurred.

“Detectives from the serious Offender Management squad did visit him that morning, and did speak to him but there was no indication that he was likely to behave like this,” he said.

“We always have concerns of somebody or this person of nature, you know, he is a declared or high risk serious offender.”

Police on Wednesday said Mr Corbett allegedly was involved with a burglary in the Balga area shortly after he cut off his bracelet.

“We believe he is a dangerous person, he has got convictions for serious offences and some of those offences are sexually related offences and we do have concerns that he may commit further offences,” Inspector Mottolini said.

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