Bali tourist arrested after exposing genitals

A tourist has been arrested after exposing her genitalia on a motorbike in Bali, according to local reports.

In viral footage shared to social media, the woman can be seen sitting on a motorbike behind a foreign male laughing as she lifts her right leg to the side, exposing her genitals.

The incident reportedly took place seven months ago but the Danish woman and German man, both aged 49, have since been arrested.

“We have arrested the two for investigation,” Ngurah Rai Immigration Agency head Sugito said, according to local news outlet Antara Kepri.

The woman allegedly exposed her genitals during a conversation her partner was having with a local about prostitution in Thailand involving ladyboys, who according to him, would wear a miniskirt so short that their underwear is exposed.

Woman arrested over ‘trashy’ act in Bali: A woman has allegedly been arrested after exposing her genitals on a motorbike in Bali

When the man glanced over at his partner and witnessed her indecent act he immediately pushed her leg back to cover her modesty.

The incident reportedly took place in the tourist hotspot of Seminyak, a beach resort area at the southern end of Bali.

Footage of the woman’s act has since gone viral after it was shared to Instagram by Indonesian designer Ni Luh Djelantik on Monday.

“Bali does not need trashy tourists,” she captioned the post.

“Foreigners are increasingly going too far with their actions. All the enforcement of the rules has not made them learn their lesson.”

As of Wednesday, Balinese authorities issued an official dos and don’ts list that will potentially see tourists’ visas cancelled if rules aren’t followed.

“Everyone should take this circular seriously, implement it, and disseminate it to all their staff and foreign tourists visiting Bali,” Bali Governor Wayan Koster said at a press conference.

He also urged tourism service providers and the Balinese community not to facilitate misbehaviour among foreign visitors.

It comes one week after video circulated of German woman, now arrested, stripped naked and stormed the stage during a sacred Balinese dance performance at a temple in Ubud.

She was placed in a mental health facility by local authorities.

Two Russian bloggers have also been deported in recent months, one for posing nude on a sacred tree and the other for dropping his pants at a volcano regarded as holy by Hindu Balinese. He has since issued a grovelling apology over his X-rated act.

Ms Koster said the rules aim to restore “quality and dignity” to Bali’s tourism sector.

Bali has always been a popular destination for Aussies with travel to the island having surpassed pre-pandemic levels, according to Australia’s 1Cover Travel Insurance — but it too has warned Aussies.

“Indonesia and Bali especially have experienced some of our highest sales growth, with a 12 per cent increase on pre-pandemic levels,” spokeswoman Natalie Smith said.

However, the jump in visitor numbers has brought upon a rise in Aussies being arrested, fined, and deported from the island.

A tourist faces prison time for being nude at a Bali temple

“As Bali finds its feet in the aftermath of the pandemic, there has been a noted increase of troublesome tourists,” Ms Smith said.

“Whether they’re disobeying road rules, drinking excessively, or disrespecting local laws and customs, these travellers are testing the limits of Balinese hospitality.”

Following the official do’s and don’ts list she warned Aussies travelling to Bali should familiarise themselves with local laws and policies before they visit.

“For instance, when riding a scooter, you must carry a valid driver’s license, wear a helmet and abide by all traffic rules,” she said.

“Bali is one of the best destinations for holidaying in Asia as it offers many unique experiences, all travellers need to do is behave well and follow the local rules to enjoy their holiday without any troubles.”

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