Husband’s car park across two spots divides the internet

A husband’s inconsiderate parking has left his neighbour enraged, as the internet debates how best to handle the awkward situation.

In photos of the incident posted on Reddit, a blue Volkswagen Beetle can be seen parked diagonally across a dividing line so that it takes up two spaces in an apartment carpark.

One of his neighbours gave some context for the situation, alleging that the man was a repeat offender and, in fact, parked that way on purpose most days.

“My neighbour, everyone. He parks like this when his wife isn’t home and moves it back when she’s back so they can both park in one of the few spots with shade,” the neighbour posted to the “Mildly Infuriating” Reddit group.

“This has been happening for months already and the administration doesn’t do anything about it.”

Reddit users, naturally, had plenty of ideas about how to rectify the issue and debated among themselves what forms of petty revenge would work best.

Many suggested using a bird feeder or scraps of bread to attract wildlife, which could defecate on the man’s badly parked car.

“You don’t even have to hang a bird feeder. Just throw peanuts around his car, the crows will come,” one user said.

Another popular suggestion was to join in on the angle-parking trend and block the man’s Volkswagen in.

“Work with the neighbours and get the whole row angle-parked. Blue beetle will be the only one that can’t get out,” one person suggested.

“Block them in. If they love that spot so much they can stay there,” another replied.

Yet more bemused internet users suggested using chalk to publicly shame the man, writing a message on the pavement reading something like “Look at me! I’m special!”

Some Redditors were more measured in their responses, making suggestions to de-escalate the situation.

“Get a business card from a towing company and leave it on the windshield … Wait and see if there is a change. It might actually work with no confrontation,” one user wrote.

Another added: “That’s a small enough car to get a couple guys to help you just pick it up and move it.”

Some netizens, however, defended the husband’s bad parking — and even praised it as a romantic gesture for his wife.

“Am I the only one that thinks this is actually kind of sweet of him?” one such user asked. “I get the frustration from others, but you got to respect that commitment and care for his partner.”

“My best advice is to get over it and move on with your life,” another person suggested.

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