Man accused of beating dog in Melbourne that later lost an eye

Police are investigating after a young girl’s small dog was allegedly hit with a ball thrower with so much force that it later needed to have an eyeball removed.

The girl and her Jack Russell were at MO Moran Reserve in Melbourne’s inner suburb of St Kilda on Monday when she was “verbally abused by a male who also had a dog”, her mum told Melbourne local Jacqueline Felgate on Instagram.

“The man hit my daughter’s own dog with a ball thrower, and subsequently the puppy had to be taken to the vet today, and she lost an eye,” a message to Ms Felgate from the parent read.

“The man also threatened my daughter with the ball thrower and verbally abused her.”

The woman, based in NSW, said her daughter often frequented the park as part of her job as a dog walker and had been left “distraught” by the incident.

The puppy had the eyeball removed later in the afternoon on the same day as the attack.

“My daughter said this verbal abuse that she received is not uncommon when she is exercising her client’s dogs,” the girl’s mum said. “Today’s incident has shaken her and her beloved puppy now has one eye.”

Victoria Police told it was making enquiries into what happened.

“Police are aware of an incident in St Kilda where a dog was injured on 5 June, a spokesperson said.

“The exact cause of the dog’s injuries are yet to be determined so police are making enquiries.”

An image of the dog, shared as part of the social media post, showed it looking downtrodden with a cone around its head and stitches across where its eye used to be.

The post attracted a huge response from heartbroken followers.

“My heart broke seeing that poor dog. That poor dog looks broken emotionally. There are some horrible people in this world. I hope this man is found,” one wrote.

“The picture of the dog kills me, he looks physically AND emotionally hurt. Poor baby,” another said.

“This is the most horrifying story. I cannot believe someone could be so cruel to any person or an innocent animal. I wish people could choose kindness,” a third wrote.

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