Prince Harry: Earl Spencer slams Duke of Sussex critic in tweet

Princess Diana’s brother has come out all guns blazing for Prince Harry following the Duke’s appearance at a phone hacking case in the UK.

On Twitter, Earl Charles Spencer ripped into a newspaper columnist who had suggested the Duke of Sussex might “still be obsessed” with former girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

“Pathetic … you have no shame,” thundered Harry’s uncle.

The Duke is among multiple claimants suing Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) in the UK.

He has accused journalists from tabloid newspapers The Daily Mirror, The Sunday Mirror and The Sunday People of using illegal methods, including phone hacking, to obtain stories on him during multiple periods between 1996 and 2011.

A proportion of the Prince’s time on the stand was taken up by a focus on stories involving him and Ms Davy.

Harry and Ms Davy had a sporadic relationship for six years but eventually broke up in 2010. She was at the marriage of the Duke and Meghan Markle at Windsor in 2018.

Harry had suggested that the Mirror got some of their scoops by analysing call data. He said it was “very suspicious” that The Mirror had Ms Davy’s number.

Solicitors for MGN pushed back and said Harry’s claims were in the “land of total speculation about where the information might have come from”.

After the Duke left the stand, Daily Mail commentator Amanda Platell tweeted: “Is Harry still obsessed with former love Chelsy Davy?”

“Harry mentions her 118 times in court evidence, Meghan just five times. No wonder Meg didn’t show up!”

The court case has not been discussing articles involving Markle.

Spencer then retweeted Platell’s tweet, laying into her.

“Pathetic,” he wrote.

“You have no shame and even less credibility.

“Last time I heard from you, you were guilty of libelling me.

“Now you misrepresent significant legal evidence as if it was something trivial”.

Spencer has long been critical of the royal family and the British press for their treatment of his sister, Diana, Princess of Wales.

Prince Harry has alleged that around 140 articles published between 1996 and 2010 about him contained details that were obtained through unlawful methods.

Of those claims, 33 articles are being considered in the civil court case. This included an article that alleged Ms Davy “screamed” at him for visiting a strip club in 2006.

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