Bankstown Airport: Pilot uninjured after crash landing

A pilot has walked away unharmed after his light plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Western Sydney.

Emergency services, including three ambulance crews, were called to Bankstown Airport shortly before 2pm on Sunday.

NSW Ambulance said there were no injuries, and no one needed further transport.

Police have not yet confirmed whether there was a second person on board.

Video footage shows the plane hitting the tarmac and skidding for several seconds before coming to a stop.

As a number of people rush over to the aircraft, the pilot can be seen extracting himself from the plane.

NSW Police attended the scene, but it’s expected the subsequent investigation will be done by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

It’s understood the plane landed on the taxiway, and the airport’s runway was not impacted.

According to 7NEWS, the pilot asked for help in a mayday call.

“Mayday mayday … engine problem,” the pilot reportedly said.

In response someone can be heard saying: “All runways will be available.”

“Roger the mayday, we’ve got help coming your way.”

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