NSW Police add Hyundai Ioniq 6 electric sedan to crime prevention fleet

Residents might soon be able to spot a new police electric vehicle in the community after NSW Police updated its fleet as part of its crime prevention plan.

Sporting the unique number plate ‘EV Cop’, the Hyundai Ioniq 6 electric sedan is the latest addition to the New South Wales Nepean Police Area Command vehicle fleet.

The battery-powered sedan, which is on loan from the manufacturer, won’t be used not during pursuits or road patrols but instead play its role alongside the community liaison team.

“The vehicle will be utilised by our Crime Prevention Unit in their day to day business within the community,” the command wrote on Facebook.

“We appreciate Hyundai Motor Company Australia’s commitment in supporting our efforts in maintaining public safety and community engagement.”

It’s not the first electric vehicle of its kinds to join law enforcement.

NSW Police had previously introduced a Hyundai Kona electric SUV for community engagement work in January 2021.

Meanwhile, other states also have adopted the cleaner energy option, with Queensland Police adding a Kia EV6 as a highway patrol car in In June 2023.

Western Australia Police also turned to Hyundai in June 2022 adding the Ioniq 5 to its fleet alongside a Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle.

In Victoria, police have been seen bringing out its Tesla Model X highway patrol vehicle for promotional activities after adding it to the fleet in 2019.

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