From the 18th of November to the 3rd of December, school leavers take over Australia’s Gold Coast, make it a bit worse and reveal what is cool. They arrive armed with their alcoholic drinks that taste like cordial, their passion for having important debriefs while sitting in gutters and paradeContinue Reading

Every generation believes they are doing something radically different, but once you glance at photos from Schoolies in the early 2000s, the images prove the theory wrong. Schoolies week is a cultural rite of passage for Aussie school leavers. They go and party in Queensland for a week and textContinue Reading

Shocking footage shows how a Ryanair flight descended into chaos as boozy passengers swigged bottles of vodka and blasted music mid-air. Holiday-makers were left terrified as dozens of rowdy passengers partied in the aisle of the plane, which was travelling from Edinburgh to Ibiza, The Sun reports. A Scottish coupleContinue Reading