A Brisbane woman found her home invaded by an eastern brown snake on Wednesday that had “tightly coiled” itself around her cat’s neck. Rebecca Daynes posted photos of the incident to Facebook group Snake Identification Australia, where she described the incident as “truly terrifying”. She added that both the catContinue Reading

Alarming footage has caught the moment an eagle-eyed young boy discovered a highly venomous eastern brown snake — the deadliest snake in Australia — hiding in his lounge room. A video of the incident shared on Sunday showed the boy’s mum meeting snake catchers at the door, after her four-year-oldContinue Reading

A father has tragically died from a suspected venomous snakebite at a private property in Queensland. The man, aged in his sixties, was reportedly bitten on his hand at Lockyer Valley, about 50 kilometres from Brisbane before 10am on Saturday. The father-of-two died before paramedics arrived. The snake species isContinue Reading