Australia has named and shamed a Chinese government-backed hacking group. The cybercriminals stole hundreds of unique usernames and passwords in one hacking incident in April 2022. It’s the first time Australia has led the charge to identify a notorious group, tracked as APT40, which has acted behalf on the People’sContinue Reading

A group of dangerous new street drugs, which can be up to 50 times stronger than fentanyl, have made their way to Australian shores, prompting warnings from law enforcement and medical experts. Nitazenes, a class of strong synthetic opioids, have been detected in every state and territory in Australia, andContinue Reading

As she walked down the aisle in her local supermarket in March 2021, Natalie, 41, answered a call on her mobile. “You need to come home now,” said her partner Suzanne. “Don’t panic, but there’s something that you need to see.” When she walked through the door, Suzanne handed herContinue Reading

You might have assumed a diner with jugs of beer and trays of chicken wings served by women in teeny tiny shorts would have been cost-of-living proof. Apparently not. The famous, perhaps infamous, Hooters restaurant chain has announced that it will close more than 10 per cent of its USContinue Reading