Politicians including the treasurer have defended the government’s inquiry into the COVID-19 pandemic response, insisting it is a worthwhile exercise despite widespread condemnation it has been excluded from scrutinising the unilateral decisions made by each state. Treasurer Jim Chalmers doubled down on the merit of the government’s long-awaited inquiry, maintainingContinue Reading

The NSW government will scrap a $12m Covid program and redirect funds to healthcare, marking another significant step away from pandemic measures. It’s been almost two years since vaccinated residents were let out of a 106-day lockdown to stop the spread of cases during the height of the pandemic. MandatoryContinue Reading

COMMENTFor decades in the 20th century, the Stalinist USSR was considered a roaring success by many western academics and economists. The brutal state-imposed collectivisation of farms, forced mass industrialisation and an orchestrated Ukrainian famine that killed millions was considered an economic miracle by the leftist intelligentsia. Soviet growth — fuelledContinue Reading