The majority of Australia’s highest earners live in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, new figures from the Australian Taxation Office confirm. New statistics, based on the more than 15 million tax returns filed in the 2020-21 financial year, reveal the average taxable income in Double Bay was $266,381. The postcode 2030 –Continue Reading

The legal stoush between the parents of Melissa Caddick and her defrauded investors could be headed towards a resolution, the Federal Court has been told. On Friday, the missing conwoman’s parents Ted and Barbara Grimley proposed to end legal action over a multimillion dollar Sydney property in exchange for anContinue Reading

The tragic final moments of a champion swimmer who died after diving head-first into underwater rocks at Bondi Beach have been revealed. Married father-of-one Peter Michaelson, 57, had swum out to Flat Rock – 300 metres from the beach – when he dived back into the water, as he alwaysContinue Reading