A Victorian MP has been dumped following more allegations of “persistent and inappropriate behaviour” that the Premier says does not require police involvement. Premier Jacinta Allan asked for South Barwon MP Darren Cheeseman’s resignation from the parliamentary Labor Party on Monday night. The parliament website now lists Mr Cheeseman asContinue Reading

BANGKOK: Thailand‘s House of Representatives on Wednesday overwhelmingly passed a bill that would legalise same-sex marriage, bringing the measure a significant step closer to becoming law.The bill passed 400-10, with a handful of abstentions, and now the legislation goes to the Senate. If it passes there, and if Thailand’s kingContinue Reading

About five million Australians on social security payments will receive a cash boost when indexation kicks in later this month. People on the age pension, disability support pension and carer payment will receive an extra $19.60 a fortnight for singles and $29.40 for couples every two weeks, starting March 20.Continue Reading