Some 100,000 homes could be vacant in one of Australia’s biggest cities, even as renters and home-hunters struggle to lock down secure housing as prices skyrocket on crippling supply shortages. Analysis of water meter data from tax reform advocacy group Prosper Australia suggests some 5.2 per cent of homes inContinue Reading

Large parts of Sydney will be transformed with ‘micro-cities’ that will leave some suburbs totally unrecognisable, in a bid to solve the capital’s crippling housing crisis. The New South Wales Government has unveiled its detailed plans for “accelerated precincts” surrounding key rail hubs – the first of three Transport-Oriented DevelopmentContinue Reading

Homeowners have been left fuming after a famous renters’ advocate posed in front of a vacant home and insinuated it could be easily broken into, but others are praising his message. Tenants’ rights campaigner Jordan van den Berg, otherwise known as ‘Purplepingers’, is was accused of encouraging squatters by sharingContinue Reading