The prominent head of an investment firm has issued a sobering warning against a tech stock that has surged by 232 per cent so far this year. US computer chip-maker Nvidia (pronounced en-vid-eya) has had an unprecedented time on Wall Street in the past few months, with the business postingContinue Reading

World-famous science educator Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson has gotten into a heated debate with an AI avatar over the role of artificial intelligence in misinformation and the destruction of civilisation. The American astrophysicist and media personality joined Australian YouTube series Q&AI, in which the AI chooses the guest, generates theContinue Reading

New data out of the US paints a bleak picture for one industry when it comes to the risk of an AI takeover. From writing emails to crafting travel itineraries or meal plans, we are seeing artificial intelligence being embraced by companies and individuals across the world – now moreContinue Reading

I first fell in love with neural networks when Google DeepMind released the AlphaZero chess program in 2017. Merely by playing chess against itself, it quickly achieved superhuman strength. It stunned the world by defeating the formidable Stockfish chess engine in a swashbuckling, romantic style not seen since the 1850s.Continue Reading