A man suffering from a two-year stomach ache shocked doctors who discovered the patient had ingested dozens of household items, ranging from buttons to earphones. “On carrying out an X-ray, we found lockets, chains, nuts, bolts, earphones, and many other objects inside the stomach,” said Ajmer Singh Kalra, director ofContinue Reading

Sharon Osbourne looked dramatically different as she appeared on Piers Morgan’s Uncensored program. The British TV star, 70, showed off her trimmed down figure before candidly admitting, “I didn’t want to go this thin.” Sharon appeared on the show alongside her husband Ozzy Osbourne, 74, and their children Kelly, 38,Continue Reading

London drivers with older cars are being fined £12.50 ($24.30) for every day that they spend on the road as part of an “ultra-low emissions zone” (ULEZ) in the English capital. The minimum emission standards for ULEZ-compliant cars are “Euro 4” for petrol cars generally built after 2005, or “EuroContinue Reading