In a mesmerizing discovery beneath the Atlantic Ocean, scientists have unveiled the “Lost City Hydrothermal Field,” an otherworldly environment boasting towering structures and a thriving ecosystem, reported Science Alert. Located close to the summit of an underwater mountain west of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, this hydrothermal field has captivated researchers sinceContinue Reading

Ex-Australian prime minister Tony Abbott has claimed man-made global warming was “ahistorical and utterly implausible”, labelling climate activists and scientists as “cult”-like. During a speech at the UK launch of an Institute of Public Affairs report into energy policies in Australia, Mr Abbott took his most direct hits at scientificContinue Reading

WARSAW: Poland’s government has written to the European Union’s security commissioner alleging that a cash-for-visas scandal is an exaggerated “media fact” timed to discredit the ruling nationalists in a tough battle for re-election next month. The letter from Poland’s deputy foreign minister to EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson emergedContinue Reading

Debris from a stealth jet that went missing after the pilot ejected has been found, according to the US military, after a day in which failure to track the $80 million aircraft drew amazement and ridicule in equal measure. The debris field from the F-35 was found in Williamsburg County,Continue Reading

A Russian general recently promoted by Vladimir Putin has raised eyebrows across Europe with a television appearance explaining Moscow’s ambitions after the Ukraine war. In a recent interview with the state-run program Russia-1, Lieutenant General Andrey Mordvichev said he believed the invasion of Ukraine was “just the beginning” of furtherContinue Reading