Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a stark warning to countries assisting Ukraine, signaling severe consequences for those who continue to support Kyiv in its ongoing conflict with Moscow. In a public address on Friday, Putin cautioned, “Anyone who tries to intervene in the Ukraine war will be met withContinue Reading

NEW DELHI: In a move to demonstrate the nuclear capabilities of Russia, President Vladimir Putin flew on a modernised nuclear-capable strategic bomber “Blackjacks” on Thursday, state TV reported on Thursday.The Tu-160M bomber is a modernized version of a Cold War-era bomber that the former Soviet Union would have used toContinue Reading

NEW DELHI: The deployment of North Korean ballistic missiles by Russia in the Ukraine conflict has raised concerns about a potential game-changer on the battlefield. Despite the apprehensions, the effectiveness of these missiles as a decisive factor in the conflict remains questionable. The missiles, identified as Kn-23 and Kn-24 short-rangeContinue Reading