An airport worker has been sacked after scribbling an obscene message on a baby’s suitcase. Mario Lucas, 40, was shocked to find the words “c*** stop checking in late” written in pen on the hold bag for his seven-month-old son. He spotted it after landing back in Cyprus from StanstedContinue Reading

Carry-on baggage fees could soon be a thing of the past in Europe. The EU Parliament will vote on whether to adopt a draft resolution addressing the issue in Strasbourg, France on Wednesday, local time. It comes after the European Parliament’s Committee on Petitions unanimously voted in favour of theContinue Reading

When Noah Ellis found himself having to squeeze into a tiny airline seat, his legs squashed by the seat in front, an idea came to mind. He was flying with 10 friends on-board budget airline Ryanair from Greater Manchester, UK, to Krakow, Poland on Thursday when he decided to contactContinue Reading

A pilot who died after his man-made hot air balloon went up in flames shared a video of how he made the craft in just 15 days. Peter Gregory, 25, was killed in the incident on Sunday morning near the village of Ombersley, Worcestershire in the UK. The Ryanair pilotContinue Reading

A woman has divided opinion online after she was filmed sneaking extra bags on to a flight. Passengers frequently come up with methods to get around airlines’ strict carry-on luggage requirements. But this person’s act was labelled by many as “unacceptable” after she was captured hiding a number of extraContinue Reading