Brittany Higgins’ husband David Sharaz has slammed critics as “vile” for seemingly mocking his pregnant wife after she revealed she plans to sell their family home in France to pay for mounting legal costs. Outspoken television commentator Prue MacSween took to social media on Monday after Ms Higgins made theContinue Reading

McDonald’s Australia is releasing a brand new dessert featuring cult chocolate item Biscoff. McPops, which comes in a chocolate, a berry and a Biscoff flavour, will be available at Macca’s around the country from May 29. The McPops feature soft, squishy dough filled with gooey flavouring and topped with aContinue Reading

Jaqcui Lambie has likened kids’ addictions to social media and their phones to an “ice pipe” as she blasted the impact it is having on young generations in light of terrifying bullying in Australian schools. In a typically passionate appearance on Today this morning, the Tasmanian politician linked perceptions ofContinue Reading

South Australia is moving to ban social media for children under the age of 14, as parents and legislators grow increasingly alarmed about the pernicious effects of digital platforms on the development of children. The state government has appointed former High Court chief justice Robert French to conduct a legalContinue Reading