You might have assumed a diner with jugs of beer and trays of chicken wings served by women in teeny tiny shorts would have been cost-of-living proof. Apparently not. The famous, perhaps infamous, Hooters restaurant chain has announced that it will close more than 10 per cent of its USContinue Reading

A social media influencer who made an artificial intelligence clone of herself and made $100,000 a week selling access to ‘virtual boyfriends’ quickly saw her digital alter ego go rogue. The bizarre story of Caryn Marjorie has once again exposed the dangers of the rapid rollout of advanced AI technology,Continue Reading

A grieving father has revealed his teenage daughter’s disturbing search history before she took her own life, claiming social media preyed on his daughter’s vulnerability about her understanding of a healthy life. Fitness coach Robb Evans made the disturbing revelation on Nine’s 60 Minutes, telling the program his daughter LivContinue Reading