Australia’s trade tensions with China “are its own fault”. And the soured relationship serves “as a lesson not only for Australia but also for other Western countries in how to handle their relations with China”. That was the message being broadcast by Communist Party-controlled media outlets the South China MorningContinue Reading

Sophie Garbin has been praised for her performance in Australia’s victory in the World Cup final against England, as she reminded everyone of her prowess in the goal shooter position. Garbin’s selection in Australia’s 12-player squad was the most contentious, given she was picked over Donnell Wallam despite a lacklustreContinue Reading

The recent ups and downs of the share market have been a wild ride for investors, but also present a huge opportunity. The difference between the best and worst performing super funds is growing, with recent statistics showing the best performing superannuation investments grew by 14.19 per cent over theContinue Reading