HANGZHOU: Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday vowed to help Nepal transform itself from a landlocked country to a land-linked nation by facilitating infrastructure connectivity and transit transportation cooperation as he met Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ here. Xi said the two countries sharing borders through Tibet made progressContinue Reading

Leading Chinese planners voiced confidence on Wednesday in the outlook for the world’s second-largest economy, holding key interest rates steady amid signs of improvement in some areas such as services.The upbeat tone of officials speaking at a news conference in Beijing was in contrast to forecasts by the Asian DevelopmentContinue Reading

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden’s national security adviser met with China’s foreign minister over the past two days on the Mediterranean island nation of Malta in an effort that the White House said on Sunday was intended to “responsibly maintain the relationship” at a time of strained ties and mutual suspicionContinue Reading

A senior politician has flagged a “very high” likelihood of Chinese spies operating inside Australia’s Parliament House after a UK parliamentary staffer was arrested under suspicion of espionage. Opposition home affairs spokesman James Paterson said the vast majority of staff working in parliament were not security vetted or cleared inContinue Reading