Second hand vehicle prices have fallen for four consecutive months, with predictions of further drops for the remainder of the year due in part to rising interest rates. From August to September, prices declined on average 1.1 per cent, according to Moody’s Analytics associate economist Catarina Noro. But September markedContinue Reading

PARIS: Rights groups voiced alarm Tuesday over the extent of an Iranian crackdown on a Kurdish-populated city that has become a hub for protests, as oil refinery workers pressed strikes in a new tactic. Iran’s clerical authorities have been shaken by over three weeks of protests that erupted after theContinue Reading

Two chapters of the “freedom fighters” movement have clashed in an extraordinary showdown captured in its entirety on live stream. Prominent figures from the Melbourne and Canberra groups went head-to-head during their involvement in the five-day protest dubbed “Mission 2 Melbourne”. It’s understood the movement was initially created as aContinue Reading