An American woman who arrived in Australia a month ago has revealed she is “obsessed” with a very Aussie grocery item. Sammy took to social media to say she has been eating beetroot daily since she arrived Down Under, while pulling some fresh beets out of the packet and poppingContinue Reading

NEW DELHI: The Indian consulate in Seattle has strongly raised with US authorities the local prosecutor’s decision to refrain from pursuing criminal charges against an overspeeding police officer responsible for the death of an Indian student.On the recently-released investigation report of the King County prosecution attorney on the unfortunate deathContinue Reading

There’s a growing theory that Generation Z is ageing more rapidly than previous generations. Online creator Taylor Donoghue, 23, recently went viral for revealing she had a humbling experience after being mistaken for a Millennial. She said the accusation was made because her boyfriend jokingly posted on the internet thatContinue Reading