Peter Dutton has slammed Labor for labelling him a “paedophile protector” as he warned that the government’s recent bungling on immigration could unravel a longstanding precedent. The government accused Mr Dutton of prioritising paedophiles over children, after the Opposition voted against legislation earlier this week that made it a criminalContinue Reading

There’s a secret town just outside of London that looks like it belongs in the Wild West of 1800s America. While the time-warp town, 32km from London, is only home to 24 buildings, it has been used as a filming location for a Hollywood blockbuster and other hit TV shows.Continue Reading

Dozens of dead pilot whales have washed up on a Tasmanian beach in a tragic mass stranding event. Nature guide and photographer Chris Theobald, 34, discovered the 34 carcasses while travelling by boat to Bryans Beach on Wednesday morning. “While out training on the boat I guide on we cameContinue Reading