A NSW couple have slammed their council for overcharging them for their rubbish bins and have warned other ratepayers to check their bills to make sure they are also not being overcharged. Geoff and Kim Oppert made the decision to downsize their bin after their daughter moved out of home,Continue Reading

Credit card spending has reached record levels as the cost of living crisis hits Australian pockets, with warnings about how people could fall into a debt spiral if they keep using their plastic. Monthly purchases on credit cards reached a record high of $33.5 billion in January according to dataContinue Reading

Federal Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has sidestepped questions about why he hasn’t campaigned for the NSW Liberals ahead of the upcoming state election, but he has made a startling confession. Speaking to Erin Molan on Sky News on Friday, Mr Dutton revealed he did not watch the Liberal Party campaignContinue Reading

Malcolm Turnbull has joined the chorus of former prime ministers criticising the government’s $368bn AUKUS deal, saying there are more risks than there are rewards. A day after Paul Keating’s extraordinary spray in which he labelled the deal the “worst in all history”, Mr Turnbull was more measured in hisContinue Reading