When Canberra woman Vanessa Counsel began to have numbness in her back in her late 20s, it was the start of a scary journey. “I underwent testing and they discovered I had a series of tumours in my spine,” says Vanessa. She has Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome (VHL). Her father diedContinue Reading

Justice Lee reasoned with conclusive authority that Brittany Higgins has told the substantive truth about what happened inside Parliament House in 2019. Mr Lehrmann raped her. While not a win – a young woman was still raped – this is vindication for Ms Higgins. Justice Lee also addressed a numberContinue Reading

The US Embassy in Canberra has issued a stark new warning to its own citizens after Saturday’s horrific Bondi massacre, urging Americans to “remain vigilant” while in Australia. The message, broadcast on Monday, warns Americans that “dangerous events” can occur in the “most unexpected of areas”. “In the aftermath ofContinue Reading