Australia has named and shamed a Chinese government-backed hacking group. The cybercriminals stole hundreds of unique usernames and passwords in one hacking incident in April 2022. It’s the first time Australia has led the charge to identify a notorious group, tracked as APT40, which has acted behalf on the People’sContinue Reading

The 14-year-old boy who allegedly stabbed a student at the University of Sydney was accused of planning a mass shooting less than a year ago, it has emerged. The teenager had allegedly threatened to carry out a terrorist attack but the charges were dropped on mental health grounds, according toContinue Reading

A woman in New Zealand took her boyfriend to court after he failed to take her to the airport, causing her to miss her flight. The unnamed woman had asked her boyfriend to pick her up so she could catch her flight but he didn’t turn up and as aContinue Reading

A popular beauty subscription service has announced its closing after almost 13 years due to the “increasingly challenging” economic climate. Bellabox, launched by twin sisters Emily and Sarah Hamilton in 2011, said it had made the “difficult decision to close down” its Australian and New Zealand operations, citing tough “economicContinue Reading