The Australian government is urging travellers to listen to Indonesia’s pleas to behave in Bali. The wildly popular holiday island, where Australians are the top foreign visitors, has seriously cracked down on tourists not following its local customs and laws this year. An official tourist dos and don’ts list wasContinue Reading

An Australian woman has lifted the lid on the brutal reality of what it’s like to move to London, revealing she is $17,000 in the red with minimal job prospects, not to mention bleak dating options and terrible weather. Amelia, originally from Sydney, has been burning through her savings and,Continue Reading

Tourists heading to France have been warned of a new smoking ban set to come into force across the country’s beaches. The ban comes amid an effort by the French President Emmanuel Macron to make the “first tobacco-free generation” by 2032, The Sun reports. The French Government will ban smokingContinue Reading

The world’s first three-year cruise which was due to begin its around-the-world voyage this month has been abruptly cancelled. Passengers had packed up their lives and some sold or rented their homes to join Life at Sea Cruises, which eventually had plans to become “the cruise that never ends”. TheContinue Reading