As workplaces and businesses attempt to lure staff back to offices amid a working-from-home crackdown, plunging winter temperatures could provide bosses with a left-of-field incentive. Employees across Australia have taken to social media to complain about working-from-home in frigid indoor temperatures, with cost-of-living pressures causing people to think twice aboutContinue Reading

The head of News Corp has urged federal parliamentarians to force social media giant Meta to renew funding news, saying the social media giant was “preparing to blackmail” Australia. Meta – the parent company of Facebook – announced in March it would not renew commercial deals with Australian media companiesContinue Reading

Millennials and Gen Zers might be the most connected generations, but they struggle to make friends. They’ve found themselves in a bizarre reality where they’ve become increasingly lonely despite their constant connection through swiping, posting, tweeting, texting, snap-chatting, direct messaging and sharing their locations on social media. Research from theContinue Reading