Queenslanders should prepare themselves for more wet weather, with severe thunderstorms involving heavy rainfall, damaging winds and large hail predicted to hit parts of the state on Thursday. A flood watch warning is in place across northern Peninsula catchments, with heavy rainfall forecast across the northern Peninsula and Torres StraitContinue Reading

Assyrian religious leader Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was stabbed several times while giving a sermon at the Christ the Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley. The church service was being live-streamed with supporters of the bishop rioting on the streets in protest of the stabbing. More than 50 police cars wereContinue Reading

A Queensland woman who consumed nothing but orange juice has raved about the diet — but experts disagree with her assertions. Anne Osborne restricted her diet due to Lent. In a video she posted reflecting on what she labelled a “wonderful” experience. She claimed to have felt emotional, physical andContinue Reading

A 20-year-old university student who was wrongly named by Channel 7 as the Bondi stabber has engaged a top lawyer in a bid to sue for defamation. Ben Cohen – who is a first-year computing studies student at UTS – had his name and photos go viral on Saturday afterContinue Reading

Peter Dutton has again compared the political leadership after the Port Arthur massacre and that of a major pro-Palestine protest last year. The Opposition Leader used a speech last Wednesday to contrast Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s “inaction” on tackling anti-Semitism in Australia to the decisive action John Howard took onContinue Reading