Communications Minister Michelle Rowland has encouraged all media outlets to “do better” in their management of internal complaints, after allegations surfaced that former Nine Network news boss Darren Wick had acted inappropriately towards a female staff member. Mr Wick, Channel Nine’s recently departed head of news and current affairs, quitContinue Reading

Western Australian will introduce tough new laws to crack down on knife violence, giving the police “anywhere, anytime” powers to conduct searches for weapons. The laws would give officers the power to “wand”, or use handheld metal detectors to scan people in a designated Knife Wanding Area such as entertainmentContinue Reading

A Chinese woman has disappeared from one of Australia’s premier tourist destinations and the police have launched a fresh appeal to the public in their search operation. Jianming Xia, 58, was visiting the Gold Coast in Queensland with a tour group when she went missing in October 2023. “The 58-year-oldContinue Reading