A shocking report has detailed widespread rates of abuse and neglect facing millions of Australians living with disability and made a bombshell call to phase out special schools and group homes nationwide. On Friday, findings from a four-and-a-half-year-long investigation into Australia’s disability care sector was released to the public. TheContinue Reading

A long-awaited report on the disability royal commission will contain “disturbing” findings. The government is set to hand down findings from a four-and-a-half year-long investigation into violence and abuse against people with disabilities in Australia on Friday. Since it began in 2019, the $599m inquiry has heard harrowing accounts ofContinue Reading

Billionaire mining magnate Clive Palmer has pledged $2m to the No campaign in the final weeks before the Voice to parliament referendum. The bulk of that money is set to be used for a last-minute advertising blitz in South Australia and Tasmania, both considered must-win seats for both sides ofContinue Reading

Qantas boss Vanessa Hudson has received a baptism of fire after being accused of trying to channel her predecessor Alan Joyce to filibuster a senate inquiry. The new chief executive and chair Richard Goyer fronted a marathon three and a half-hour committee hearing on Wednesday, raising concern that they couldContinue Reading

Senior transport bureaucrats have repeatedly dodged “critical” questions about what role Qantas had in the government’s decision to block Qatar’s bid to double its flight offerings. Senators spent Thursday morning trying to determine whether Transport Minister Catherine King met with Qantas bosses earlier this year when she first received aContinue Reading