WASHINGTON: The United States is opening an investigation into whether Chinese vehicle imports pose national security risks and could impose restrictions due to concerns about “connected” car technology, the White House said on Thursday.The US Commerce Department probe is needed because vehicles “collect large amounts of sensitive data on theirContinue Reading

If you want a robot to make you a cup of coffee, Figure AI has you covered. In a nifty demo reel, the newly multi-million-dollar-funded robotics darling showed how its Figure 01 robot could successfully brew a Keurig cup of joe. It’s not impressive – you could do it fasterContinue Reading

Low-cost carrier Jetstar is linking up two of Australia’s premier tourist destinations and celebrating the new holiday option with a special $99 ticket sale. The budget airline, a subsidiary of Qantas, will fly direct from Adelaide, the beating heart of South Australia’s vibrant tourism economy, to Queensland’s the Whitsundays, whichContinue Reading