When MH370 hunters stumbled across wreckage at the bottom of the sea, it sparked a glimmer of hope that the missing passenger jet had been found. But underwater experts had in fact found the remains of two 19th-century shipwrecks that had mysteriously vanished on a dangerous shipping route in theContinue Reading

The wildly popular holiday island is no longer the most sought after overseas summer holiday destination for Aussies. Data from the Expedia group published in The Australian now identifies Tokyo as the number one destination, with Bali second and Singapore third. Osaka and Kyoto round out the top five. ExpediaContinue Reading

The Australian government is urging travellers to listen to Indonesia’s pleas to behave in Bali. The wildly popular holiday island, where Australians are the top foreign visitors, has seriously cracked down on tourists not following its local customs and laws this year. An official tourist dos and don’ts list wasContinue Reading