A $99 item from Kmart has gone viral as some claim it is better than an item that is double the price. Kmart’s Spot Cleaner is available in store and online in Australia and New Zealand. The item allows shoppers to clean upholstery. The cleaning product, which has previously beenContinue Reading

An Australian food blogger has sparked a mad rush at Coles that saw shoppers “clear the shelves” of his latest product. Nick Vavitis, a Melbourne-based influencer with more than 100,000 followers, launched his decadent dessert brand Choclt three years ago during Covid lockdowns. Since then, his “outrageous” baked goods haveContinue Reading

A mother of a four-month-old baby has been left distraught after she found a letter in her mailbox that “left her in tears”. Tiffany, from Redcliffe in Queensland, found the anonymous note in her mailbox which addressed the noise coming from the woman’s home, particularly from her son. “I amContinue Reading

Australians are raving about a new product at Aldi, labelling the discount supermarket’s latest launch the “best yet”. The German retailer, beloved for its affordable offerings – particularly during the current cost of living crisis, recently released a new variation of its Choceur chocolate blocks: a “hazelnut praline”. Aldi’s $3.79Continue Reading