The world’s richest families are starting to move their assets out of America following a “perceived peak in the US dollar”, as concerns over geopolitical instability, inflation and economic uncertainty spark the “biggest shifts in asset allocation for several years”. That’s according to the 2023 Global Family Office Report fromContinue Reading

A young New Zealand woman has been “suddenly and unfairly taken” after contracting meningococcal disease. Rebekah May Emmett, 23, died on Monday last week “after a short and hard fight”, her family said in a funeral notice published in Hawke’s Bay Today. Ms Emmett worked as a senior stylist atContinue Reading

Raiders forward Corey Harawira-Naera will reportedly sit out for at least a month after suffering a seizure on the field during his club’s clash with the Rabbitohs. According to the SMH, Canberra are awaiting a specialist diagnosis but doctors have pinpointed a potential cause. A build-up of small head knocksContinue Reading

A Dubai housewife is being ripped online after revealing the “worst things” about being married to a millionaire, which apparently include such hardships as always “having to look 10/10”, having “too much food” and always “flying first class”. Videos of her entitled-seeming gripes are currently amassing millions of views, theContinue Reading