A $25 Kmart item is capturing a lot of attention on social media, with one online user saying she refused to “gatekeep” information on the dress. Kmart’s Active Womens Dress, which has a $25 price tag attached to it, comes in black and white. The dress comes in sizes eightContinue Reading

Australians are losing their minds after discovering Woolworths is selling three wheelie suitcases for just $136 – with many stating they didn’t even realise the supermarket sold the often expensive item. Sarah Heaslip showed off her recent purchase from the Australian retailer’s “Everyday Market”, an online marketplace designed to complementContinue Reading

This is a major travel no-no. Ally Rae Case, a flight attendant who goes by ‘allycase1’ on TikTok, posted a clip advising travellers of a common luggage tag mistake most people make. In the resurfaced 45-second clip, she explains that revealing your luggage tag information out in the open canContinue Reading