There’s a secret town just outside of London that looks like it belongs in the Wild West of 1800s America. While the time-warp town, 32km from London, is only home to 24 buildings, it has been used as a filming location for a Hollywood blockbuster and other hit TV shows.Continue Reading

An Australian woman has lifted the lid on the brutal reality of what it’s like to move to London, revealing she is $17,000 in the red with minimal job prospects, not to mention bleak dating options and terrible weather. Amelia, originally from Sydney, has been burning through her savings and,Continue Reading

Expedia has declared Perth a perfect “destination dupe” for Sydney. The online travel giant has named 10 places across the world that are “a little unexpected, sometimes more affordable, and every bit as delightful” as popular destinations as it’s 2024 destination dupes. “The ‘dupe’ trend — of affordable alternatives toContinue Reading

Sporty Spice has shocked fans by hinting at a potential Spice Girls reunion trip to Australia. The Spice Girl also known as Mel C dropped a major tease during her recent DJ set at Sydney’s Heaps Gay harbour party. “Thank you so much, I’ve had the most incredible two weeksContinue Reading

Hotel Pelegrin was once a luxurious hotel located on a beautiful beach in a Croatian village, but it has now been left an eerie shell. The stunning 419-bed complex was one of the largest on the Adriatic coast and attracted thousands of international guests in the 1980s. Hotel Pelegrin wasContinue Reading

A once lost interview with the artist known as “Banksy” has revealed what could be his real first name. In 2003, BBC reporter Nigel Wrench sat down with the British artist in one of his first radio interviews. In the recording, Wrench can be heard asking Banksy if he isContinue Reading