KYIV, UKRAINE: Ukraine is ready to launch a long-awaited counteroffensive against Russia but fears large casualties due to Moscow’s superior air power, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in comments published Saturday.Ukraine has said it is preparing for a major offensive against Moscow’s occupation forces for months, but Zelenskyy has repeatedly warnedContinue Reading

MOSCOW: Ukraine launched a major drone attack on Moscow on Tuesday though all of them were destroyed by air defence systems, Russia’s defence ministry said.The attack came just weeks after the Kremlin was hit in a drone strike that Russia blamed on Ukraine, and simultaneously with the latest wave ofContinue Reading

MOSCOW: Moscow on Thursday accused the US of masterminding a drone attack on the Kremlin, a charge denied by Washington, and said Ukrainian sabotage on Russian territory had reached “unprecedented momentum”.Moscow said President Vladimir Putin was working from the Kremlin the day after the attack, which it said was aContinue Reading