Australia’s industrial disputes body has concluded union workers likely broke the law during a controversial strike against a major poultry supplier last weekend, even as it refused to issue an order suppressing the alleged behaviour. Workers with the United Workers Union shut downs Ingham’s chicken plants in Western Australia andContinue Reading

A furious customer has been filmed using a hammer to smash one of the new self-service gates at Woolworths. Video posted to social media on Tuesday showed a woman, wearing black pants, a purple hoodie and a surgical face mask, approaching a self-service area at the supermarket holding a hammer.Continue Reading

A cult chocolate from one of the world’s biggest YouTuber has inspired less than rave reviews from fans. Mr Beast’s Feastables chocolate range arrived in Woolworths this week, prompting hysteria among the star’s fans. Food bloggers have rushed to try the chocolate and have shared less than rave reviews aboutContinue Reading