Groom exposes bride’s scandal during his wedding toasts

A groom has gone viral after her exposed his new bride’s “shocking” act during his wedding speech.
Ian Young decided to surprise his new wife Katie by sharing the brutally honest story about how the newlyweds met while he made his wedding toast.

The Scottish man’s speech was captured by their wedding photographers Knoxland Films who shared the clip on TikTok, captioning it: “Groom reveals shocking scandal on bride during toasts.”

The video has since amassed over 1.6 million views since it was shared on Sunday, leaving many gobsmacked by the “unexpected” admission.

“I do feel Katie and I need to be a little more honest with you all today,” Ian starts, as Katie looks on in confusion at her new husband.

“David the celebrant mentioned that we met for the first time at the cricket club, got chatting and shared a kiss later that night.

“Whilst that is true, we left out a few bits along the way.”

As the couple’s guests proceed to giggle, wondering where Ian’s story will take them – Katie’s face blushes with embarrassment.

Ian then proceeds to “fill in the blanks”, stating they really did meet at the cricket club, but shortly after their first kiss the night took a turn.

“After that, I apologised for my lack of chat and although she’ll deny it to this day, she said to me, ‘Why don’t you take my number and we can meet up another time.’

“A bit thirsty if you ask me – but I was so out of practice that I didn’t even take her number and instead went outside to get us a couple of drinks being the gentleman that I am.”

However, when Ian returned to give her the drink, he found Katie kissing another guy.

“I realise now this is a fairly common occurrence for Kate,” he joked, as the room erupted in laughter, Katie hiding her face behind her hands.

“In true style of my own, I just downed the two drinks and went back on the dance floor.”

He finished by joking he was “still nervous to go to the bar and leave Katie unattended,” before adding: “This marriage could be over tonight.”

Response to Ian’s revelation on social media has been huge, with many declaring they were “not expecting” the twist.

While many found Ian’s cheeky tale “hilarious”, others thought “embarrassing” his wife on their wedding day was a “savage” move.

“Imagine filing for divorce during the reception – never a good idea to embarrass the partner at the wedding,” one person remarked.

“Did he have to sleep on the hotel couch?” another commented.

“Question is, are they still together?” one person asked.

Others declared the speech “brilliant” with many commending “the twist”.

“That’s brilliant – he spilt the T, no more gossip,” one said.

“He knows her well enough to know she would take this well. Great wee story,” another said.

“I love this! Good old Scottish humour and they were obviously meant to be!” someone else said.

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