Melbourne model Lacey Christie defends wearing white dress to wedding | Video

An Australian woman has slammed critics who labelled her an “attention-seeker” for wearing a white dress to a wedding, describing the backlash as “out of control”.

Lacey Jade Christie, from Melbourne, showed off the outfit she wore to her friend’s nuptials on social media and was widely met with harsh criticism.

It has long been considered a social taboo to wear white as a guest to a wedding because it is believed it could upstage the bride on her big day.

But while many were quick to label the low-cut dress as “trashy” and too “revealing”, Lacey – who is a body positive model and influencer – told people were “too quick to judge”.

“I think it’s really interesting that people can see a photo or a video of a stranger on the internet and make such wild assumptions,” she said.

“Not only that, but the level at which people expect others to adhere to their own traditions and expectations is astounding.

“It’s 2022 and for people to automatically jump to the conclusion that I was deliberately trying to steal attention from the bride – or in this case brides – is laughable.”\

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Lacey, 33, explained the wedding she attended was not a “traditional” ceremony, and she had sought permission from the two brides over her outfit beforehand.

“Many of my friends were wearing low-cut dresses, sheer dresses, there were power suits that were just blazers (no bras) and a whole host of other fashion statements,” she said.

“My outfit wasn’t the most revealing of the night and the brides were so happy with the authenticity with which everyone showed up to their wedding.

“It’s Queer Culture. I’m going to a wedding in a few weeks that is far more conservative and will dress appropriately for that occasion.”

The social media user, who posts under the handle @laceyjadechristie, added: “People keep telling me that I was disrespectful to the brides, but strangers on the internet are disrespecting them (and me) by not listening to the fact that a wedding without social norms was what they wanted.”

Lacey’s outfit attracted unwanted attention after she shared a video of her “fit” on TikTok where many claimed it was “too revealing” and asked if it was a “joke”.

One woman said she’d “die of embarrassment” if she wore white to someone’s big day, while another described it as “trashy”.

However Lacey said the situation has spiralled “out of control” and called out society’s deep-rooted “fatphobia” for the over-reaction.

“Honestly, when I ordered the dress I thought a few people might be a bit ruffled about me wearing white but I never in a million years expected that so many people would have a problem and that it would get this out of control,” she told

“I felt amazing and I knew the brides wouldn’t have an issue with the dress so I didn’t even think about other people’s opinions. I just left the house feeling fab.”

“The reason people have reacted so strongly is for two reasons,” she continued.

“My outfit did not fit people’s views of what one should traditionally wear to a wedding and I’m fat.

“When you read the comments, so many people are commenting on my body.

“I’m ‘too fat’ for the dress, my breasts are ‘too saggy’, they need to be taped (which they were), I was showing too much leg and no one wants to see that much cellulite at a wedding. The list goes on.

“I genuinely believe that if a thin person had worn the exact same outfit the outrage would not have been half as bad.”

While Lacey has explained she “didn’t mind that people didn’t like the outfit”, she urged people to think twice before leaving hurtful comments.

“I wish people would take a minute to remember that there is a real person at the receiving end of their comment,” she said.

“I have been a body positivity influencer and fat creator for years now and I can take a lot but other people, your family members, your co-workers can read your hateful words as well.

“By taking the time to let me know that you think my fat body isn’t acceptable, you could be hurting any number of people in your life. Your words have consequences, even if they don’t directly affect you.

Despite the awful backlash, Lacey was also met with a lot of encouraging and positive comments from people who backed her decision.

“I don’t understand why people act like they know more about the people getting married than the person attending the wedding,” wrote one.

“You looked stunning, you absolutely slayed,” another said.

As one said: “People are so unkind. Seriously let’s empower each other as women,” another wrote.

“Shocked at all the horrid comments. Who cares about tape and a white dress? Obviously the brides didn’t,” another stated.

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