Motorcycle parked in the pram parking infuriates parents

A motorcycle driver has been criticised for the “selfish” act of parking in a spot reserved for ‘Parents with Prams’.

The sight was captured at a carpark in the suburb of Chatswood in the city’s Lower North Shore.

Despite the clearly marked red square, which also featured an outline of a pram, and a ‘parents with prams’ sign directly above the car spot, the motorcycle was brazenly stationed in the space.

Some comments joked that the owner of the motorcycle must have a “folding pram,” or “side car”.

Another user also shared their experiences of Range Rovers and other large cars taking up multiple motorbike spots.

However one parent lashed the motorcycle rider and said “it makes me angry that they can’t see how helpful the parking spots are.”

“I have a two-year-old and I’m pregnant with twins. Yep. Try getting a toddler in/out of a car in a normal spot when you’re the size of a freaking house,” she wrote.

“We bought a van with sliding doors for the rear seats but that doesn’t help me get myself in, so I usually just try to park far away from other cars because the pram spots here are always taken by midlife crisis Ferraris. I still get trapped by other cars. I’ve had to crawl into the car through the boot to get home FFS.

“Tell me again how you’re selfish and have no empathy for others. If it weren’t illegal they’d park in disabled spots too, guarantee it.”

According to the NRMA, the limitations of ‘parents with prams car spaces’ are not legally enforceable as they are provided by the owners of private property, like shopping centres or carparks.

In comparison, it is actually illegal to park in a spot marked as a Accessible Parking Space, which is reserved for people with a valid permit. .

This can result in an on-the-spot find or penalty notice of $581 and one demerit point.

However, it is at the “management’s discretion” to choose how they’d like to enforce parent parking rules. For example, they could ask someone to vacate the spot.

“Children are more at risk of being involved in a crash due to their unpredictability around cars and they can also be hard for other drivers to see so ensuring convenient parking close to entrances is available for parents with young children is really important,” they said.

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