Paul Hogan roast: Tom Gleeson’s most brutal jokes

Crocodile Dundee star and Aussie icon Paul Hogan copped a savage roasted during a celeb-filled TV special on Seven on Tuesday night.

Celebs including Ketti-Anne Kennerley, Ernie Dingo, Shane Jacobson and John Paul Young lined up to poke some good-natured fun at the acting veteran, who was on stage to bask in all the barbed humour.

And – surprise, surprise – some of the most brutal jokes were saved for the end of the night, when comedian and controversial Gold Logie winner Tom Gleeson rocked up to the mic.

Warming up before he took aim at Hogan, Gleeson first roasted the rest of the celeb panel, announcing that Ernie Dingo “used to host The Great Outdoors – now he just lives there.”

John Paul Young? “You were big in the 80s … but so was HIV.”

Kerri-Anne copped one of the night’s most uncomfortable jokes, with Gleeson referencing one of the former daytime TV queen’s most controversial moments: Her Studio 10 on-air racism stoush with Yummi Stynes.

“Backstage she was telling me she was worried she was going to get accused of racism again by Yumi Stynes. And I said, Kerri-Anne. that’s Alex Lee.”

Then it was on to the main event – and Gleeson didn’t hold back.

“Paul Hogan, it’s great to meet you. It would’ve been great to meet you in your prime, but … here we are,” he began. “Hopefully this show does really well – you could have your first hit since 1986!”

He suggested that if Hogan wanted to isolate during the pandemic, “you’d just have to go to a cinema that was playing The Very Excellent Mr Dundee. You would’ve had the place to yourself for weeks.”

And on it went.

“Paul, when you came up with The Paul Hogan Show, were you at home watching The Benny Hill Show and thought, ‘this is a bit too clever’?” he asked.

Gleeson said that Hogan used to be the face of Fosters Lager, which he argued best represents his career: “It was really popular in the 80s, but now it’s piss that you couldn’t force on anyone.”

Referencing Hoge’s famous “Shrimp on the barbie” catchphrase, he told him: “I see why you like shrimp. You break off the bit that you want, then you throw it away. Like your marriages!”

He finished with some rare words of support, telling Hogan he’s “the most famous Australian comedian of all time – a height that the rest of us will never reach. I’ve said that because it’s true, and also because it’ll piss off Hughesy.”

But he couldn’t resist one final jab – this time, at Hogan’s infamous tax woes.

“Paul, thank you for having me … and what’s your accountant’s phone number?”

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