Mexican woman who travelled 5000km for online date killed, organs harvested

A woman looking for love has allegedly been murdered so her organs could be harvested after flying 5000km to meet her online lover in person.

Blanca Arellano had been in a virtual relationship with a man from Peru that she had been chatting to for several months, according to her family.

Three weeks ago, the 51-year-old boarded a plane from her hometown of Mexico City to Lima in Peru, in order to finally meet her online beau in person.

Her final destination was the beach town of Huacho, where her 37-year-old boyfriend Juan Villafuerte lived.

Investigators revealed that Blanca’s niece, Karla Arellano, talked to her aunt on November 7, who at the time said that the relationship was going well and she was “in love”.

This was the last time anyone ever heard from the woman.

After two weeks of silence, her niece made a heartfelt plea on Twitter for help in locating Blanca, which prompted local police to launch an investigation into her whereabouts.

“I never thought I would be in this situation, today I ask for support and dissemination to locate one of the most loved and important people in my life,” Karla wrote on a Twitter post, which has been automatically translated into English.

“My aunt Blanca Olivia Arellano Gutiérrez disappeared on Monday, November 7 in Peru, she is of Mexican origin, we fear for her life.”

Further down in the thread, the concerned niece revealed that she had messaged the man her aunt planned to meet to find out what had happened.

“Monday, November 07 was the day that for most of us who know her, she stopped having contact on social networks,” she wrote.

“I decided to communicate with Juan P since he was the only contact she had in that country and that is where our fear was triggered.”

In a screenshot Karla posted of the alleged conversation she had with Juan, he said – according to Google translate – that she “got bored” and that he “couldn’t give her the life she wanted”, and so she had decided to go back to Mexico.

A few days later on November 10, police made a gruesome discovery on a local beach in Huacho, Peru – a severed finger, with the fingertip removed, with a silver ring still on it.

A day later, they discovered a faceless head and an arm.

On the third day, a torso without any organs inside was found on the same beach.

Authorities confirmed the body parts belonged to the missing woman Blanca.

On November 17, Peruvian police arrested Juan Villafuerte as the main suspect in the murder.

“Juan Pablo Villafuerte was arrested on charges of human organs trafficking,” the Peruvian General Attorney told local news.

He is also being investigated on the charge of organ trafficking, according toEl Pais Mexico.

The newspaper reported that blood stains had been found in different areas of Villafuerte’s apartment, along with some women’s clothing, suitcases, and a Mexican flag.

Blanca’s niece Karla has been instrumental in raising awareness of her story, racking up thousands of comments of support on posts about her “beloved” aunty.

“We are with you Karlita, we trust that justice will be done” one person wrote.

“Much light to you and your family” said another.

“Sending peace for your family and blessings. God will give you a lot of strength to continue the fight.”

Juan Villafuerte denies any involvement in the crime.

He is currently being held in prison as the investigation continues.

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