New Zealand McDonald’s worker quits mid-shift

A fierce online debate has erupted after a New Zealand McDonald’s employee filmed himself quittin his job in the middle of his shift after he was asked to clean cooking equipment.

Tiktok user Fionn_McCallum posted his abrupt walk-out with the caption “They really thought I was going to clean that”.

“Hell no, I am not cleaning that, I ain’t cleaning that,” he said in the 26-second clip.

The fast food worker tells his manager that he quits. Angered by the announcement, the manager can be heard yelling at the crew member while his teammates beg him to stay.

“No! Get back here!” the manager is heard screaming while the crew member continues to walk out of the restaurant.

“I quit, I’m leaving Maccas. See you on the flip side b*****!” he said.

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Footage of the stunning moment went viral, racking up 2.9 million views. Many were left divided over the surprise incident.

“I work at McDonald’s, I feel u,” an user wrote.

Others had little sympathy for the young man and didn’t believe the job was as bad as he made it out to be.

“Not even that bad it’s like 20 mins of work,” one user wrote.

“Kids don’t wanna work, lazy as hell,” a second person said.

Some users commented that they would have happily done the task without complaints.

“I loved dishes so much, it meant I didn’t have to work on orders,” one wrote.

The video has since been removed due to “harassment and bullying”.

This is not the first time McDonald’s workers quit their job in a savage way.

Last year, a viral TikTok showed the moment staff at one US McDonald’s all walked out “unexpectedly”.

In a video that’s been viewed 13.9 million times, TikTok user @zoey.isback shared a note which read: “Everyone quit we are closed.”

Footage showed staff standing outside the McDonald’s, leaving no-one behind the counter with orders waiting to be filled and customers waiting.

“Well that happened today and it was so funny,” she captioned the video.

The 19 second clip drew both applause and questions from viewers with many saying they were glad to see “worker solidarity” and the move “doesn’t surprise”.

“I’m glad everyone quit,” one person wrote. “That tells me more about (a) terrible place there than the employees.”

“I wish this would happen more often,” another commented. “I wouldn’t even be mad if I walked in as a customer.”

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